Content Marketing in 2020: The Definitive Guide

This is my complete guide to content marketing in 2020.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn:

  • How to promote your content
  • Content formats that are working right now
  • The top content marketing trends in 2020
  • New content creation strategies
  • Lots of advanced tips, strategies and techniques

So if you want to get more traffic from your content this year, you’ll love today’s guide.

Let’s get started.

Content Marketing This Year

Chapter 1:Double Down on Video Content

Double Down on Video Content

Is video really “the future of content marketing”?


In fact, the number of businesses that use video as part of their marketing is up 38% since 2017.

And 72% of consumers say that they now “prefer videos” over text-based content.

So if you want to get started with video marketing — or double down on what you’re already doing — this chapter is for you.

In this chapter I’ll give you some of the tips and takeaways that I’ve learned from producing hundreds of hours of video content.

Nail Your Video Intros

It doesn’t matter if you’re making a video for YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter…

When it comes to creating an awesome video, your intro is HUGE.

And there’s evidence to back this up:

YouTube’s internal data has found that a strong first 15 seconds can “keep viewers watching”.

YouTube Creator – Playbook tips

Which means you want to avoid starting your videos off with a fancy, animated logo.


Or spending 30 seconds explaining why your video’s topic is important.

(Which is a mistake I made back in the day)


Instead, jump right into your content, like this:


Focus On YouTube

Facebook video posts are a thing. So are Instagram videos.

But if you want to get the most eyeballs on your video content, you definitely want to focus on YouTube.


First of all, YouTube is more popular than Facebook, Instagram… or any other website on the planet besides Google.

SimilarWeb – Top websites ranking

But most importantly, YouTube videos can get views YEARS after you upload them.

(The same can’t be said for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… or any other social media site).

For example, my channel currently gets about 200k views per month.

Backlinko – YouTube – Channel Views

And the vast majority of those views come from videos that I published over 6 months ago:

Backlinko – YouTube – Top videos

In fact, this video that I initially published in 2016 still gets a respectable 21,472 views every month.

Video SEO – YouTube views

Optimize for Suggested Video

The other great thing about YouTube is that it gets your content in front of NEW people.

For example, according to my YouTube Studio account, 149,209 unique people see my videos every month.

Backlinko – YouTube Channel – Unique viewers

(Most of which are people that have never heard of Backlinko before)

And the best way to get your videos seen on YouTube?

Optimize for “Suggested Video”.

As you probably know, Suggested Video is the section on YouTube that’s to the right of the video you’re watching.

Suggested Videos

As it turns out, it’s here (not search) where most of the views on YouTube come from.

For example, 28.3% of my views per month come from SEO.

Backlinko – YouTube traffic from YouTube search

But 40.9% come directly from the Suggested Video sidebar.

Backlinko – YouTube traffic from Suggested Videos

To get more views from YouTube Suggested Video, optimize your video description and tags around a growing, popular topic.

Match popular video metadata to rank in "Suggested Video"

(That’s right: you want to optimize your video around competitive keywords).

When you do, your video can show up next to a video that’s already getting lots of views.

When you optimize your video around competitive keywords, your video can show up next to a video that

Work Off of a Script

Let’s face it:

Getting in front of a camera can be intimidating.

In fact, the first time I got in front of a camera I suddenly forgot how to speak!

Which led to unfocused sections of my video, like this:


The solution?

Read from a script.

This simple step was a complete game changer for me.

Instead of worrying about what to say and how to say it, all I need to do is read from my pre-written script.

Brian video script

And because I’m reading from a tight script, my final video is super crisp.


Chapter 2:Promote With Email

Promote With Email

Email marketing is as old-school as blowing into NES cartridges.

But it’s still an important content marketing trend in 2020.

(Especially when it comes to sharing new content).

In fact, according to The Content Marketing Institute, 79% of marketers state that email is their most effective content distribution channel.

And in Chapter 2 I’ll show you how to build your email list, how to promote your content with email newsletters, and more.

Replace Your Blog Feed With a Homepage

If you run a blog, your homepage probably looks something like this:

Blog homepage

I’m not going to say that this approach is “bad”.

But it’s definitely not optimized for conversions.

In fact, the Backlinko homepage used to be a blog feed:

Backlinko – Old blog homepage

This was great for helping people find my latest blog content. But the conversion rate on that page was pretty terrible.

In fact, only 10.22% of the people that visited that page signed up to my email list.

Old homepage conversions

So I decided to run an A/B test that pitted my blog feed vs. a homepage designed for conversions.

Backlinko – Homepage designed for conversions

Which boosted our homepage conversion rate by 60.5%.

Blog style homepage – Conversions

Try This Simple Newsletter Template

What’s the best way to share new content with your email subscribers?

This is something I’ve spent YEARS testing.

Back in the day, I’d send out lengthy emails that really sold my content.

Brian lengthy newsletter

But my click-through-rate on those emails wasn’t that great.

So I gradually cut out bits and pieces.

And every time I deleted a chunk of my newsletter content, clicks went up.

Here’s the exact formula that I use today:

The perfect blog post newsletter formula

And here’s a real-life example of this newsletter in action:

Brian newsletter written with formula

That simple newsletter got a 42% open rate and a 12.3 % CTR.

"Content Strategy" newsletter – Open rate

Not bad.

Topic Upgrades

Content Upgrades are still a great way to build your email list.

In fact, we still use them here at Backlinko.

Content Upgrade on Backlinko post

But there’s one big problem with Content Upgrades:

They’re a giant pain in the butt to maintain!

Every single time you make a change to your content, you need to update your Content Upgrade PDF.

And considering that we make over 500 changes and updates to our content every year, this turned out to be a huge problem.

That is, until I discovered Topic Upgrades.

Topic Upgrades is a lite version of a traditional Content Upgrade.

Instead of a resource that’s specific to that post… you offer something that’s specific to that topic.

For example, take these two blog posts from Backlinko.

Backlinko – Keyword Research and SEO Tools posts

Someone reading about keyword research probably wants the same thing as someone reading about SEO tools: how to get higher Google rankings.

Which is why we offer the same resource (a guide to SEO in 2020) to each of them.

SEO Guide resource

And even though this resource isn’t quite as targeted as a Content Upgrade, it still converts really well.

Analytics Topic Upgrade – Conversion Rate

Send Exclusive Content

If you want people to stay on your email list you can’t just send them links to your latest blog posts and podcast episodes.

In fact, you want to make about 10% of your newsletter content exclusive stuff that you don’t publish on your blog.

For example, I recently sent out this exclusive SEO strategy to our email subscribers:

Exclusive strategy for email subscribers

Not only did that email get a super high open rate:

"New Technique" newsletter open rate

But hundreds of people replied to that email to say that they enjoyed the newsletter:

Replies to Backlinko newsletter

Chapter 3:Publish "Be The Source" Posts

Publish "Be The Source" Posts

Want more traffic from your content marketing in 2020? Try “Be The Source” posts.

“Be The Source” posts are research-backed pieces of content that contain new, interesting data.

(Data that bloggers and journalists can cite in their articles)

In fact, BuzzSumo reports that 74% of people that have published original research content state that it helped them get more traffic.

So if you want to get more links, traffic and shares from your content marketing, then you might want to give Be The Source content a try this year.

And in this chapter I’ll walk you through the lessons I’ve picked up from publishing a handful of Be The Source posts over the last few years.

Focus on New Topics and Trends

A new topic is PERFECT for Be The Source posts.


Because there’s no data on that topic yet.

So when you publish data from a high-quality industry study, your post has a huge first-mover advantage.

For example, back in 2018, we published one of the first voice search SEO industry studies.

Backlinko post – Voice Search SEO Study

That post picked up quite a few social shares the week that it came out.

Tweets about Voice Search post

But more important than that, because we were one of the first sites with data about voice search optimization, our post has been linked to 1.85K times.

Voice Search SEO Study – Backlinks

Focus on Validity

When it comes to Be The Source content, there’s one big catch to keep in mind:

If you want people to take your research seriously, your data has to be 100% valid.

In fact, publishing flawed results or misleading findings can really hurt your reputation.

Study validity is something that we take very seriously here at Backlinko.

Which is why we usually have a data scientist review our results:

Data scientists reviewing results

And share our methodology so that others can re-run the analysis on their own.

Large scale page speed analysis methods PDF

I also take pains to write up the results in a way that doesn’t misrepresent what we found.

Study results explanation

Visualize Your Findings

Visuals help your Be The Source Content for two main reasons:

First, they make your data easier to understand.

Take a stat like “The average Time to First Byte (TTFB) of a voice search result was .54 seconds (vs. the worldwide average of 2.1 seconds).”

It’s really hard to visualize something like that.

But a visual like this makes it easy:

Time to first byte (TTFB)

Second, visuals give other bloggers something to embed into their posts. Which can lead to contextual backlinks, like this:

Search Engine Journal – Voice Search backlink

Promote With a Press Release

This is more of an optional step.

But if your data uncovered something interesting or surprising, a press release can help get your post in front of journalists that cover that topic.

Here’s an example of a press release that we recently published to help get the word out about one of our Be The Source posts.

Newswire – Backlinko press release

Which got picked up by a handful of tech-focused news sites.

MarTechSeries – Backlinko study article

Chapter 4:Get Engagement (and Reach) on LinkedIn

Get Engagement and Reach on LinkedIn

Considering that LinkedIn launched back in 2003, it may seem weird that I’m talking about it in a “content marketing in 2020” post.

Well, that’s because the new LinkedIn is completely different than the old LinkedIn.

The new LinkedIn has tons of cool features (like video posts, active groups and dynamic profiles).

But most important for digital marketers like you and me, LinkedIn reach is GREAT right now.

Let’s see how you can take advantage of LinkedIn this year.

Use LinkedIn Posts to Promote Your Content

Unlike Facebook, organic reach on LinkedIn is insane right now.

For example, one of my recent LinkedIn posts got 40,642 views.

LinkedIn – Post views

Considering that I only have 35,188 followers, that’s an organic reach of 115.4%.


But there’s a catch:

For your content to get lots of reach, it needs to be SUPER engaging.
So if you just share your post with a link, it’s probably going to get buried by LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Instead, I recommend this 4-step formula for writing LinkedIn posts that get reach and send people to your latest post.

LinkedIn share post formula

Here’s a real-life example.

4-step formula LinkedIn post

Repost Blog Content as LinkedIn Articles

People actually enjoy the content they find on LinkedIn: “91 percent of marketing executives rate LinkedIn as the best place to find high-quality content.”

Which is why I recommend reposting some of your content as LinkedIn articles.

For example, this LinkedIn article (which was a word-for-word reposting of one of our Be The Source Posts), got over 4,200 views.

Content republished as LinkedIn article

In fact, writing this made me realize that I need to publish more LinkedIn articles in 2020!

Optimize Your Profile for Followers and SEO

Not so long ago, my LinkedIn profile looked like this.

Brian – Old LinkedIn profile


Today, my profile is optimized to turn browsers into followers:

LinkedIn – Brian Dean About section

It’s also optimized for LinkedIn SEO. Specifically, I’ve added about 30 skills to my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn – Brian Dean skills

Which helps my profile show up when people search for “SEO”, “content marketing” and other keywords that show up in my profile.

LinkedIn – Brian Dean search stats

Chapter 5:Create More Epic Content

Create More Epic Content

There’s more content published now than ever before.

Which makes it REALLY hard for your content to stand out.

In fact, according to Orbit Media, 47% of bloggers state that “getting traffic and attracting visitors” is their #1 challenge.

So: how do you get your content noticed in 2020?

Epic Content.

Epic content is just like it sounds: it’s content that’s so massive, so in-depth, so impressive, that it can’t help but get attention.

And in this chapter I’ll show you how to use this approach as part of your digital marketing campaigns.

Content Design Is a Competitive Advantage

Design can really help your content stand out.

For example, a few months ago we published this guide to becoming an SEO expert.

Backlinko – SEO Expert post

This single post brought in 25,643 visitors in the first week from email, social media and SEO.

SEO Expert – First week traffic

Sure, the content was really good. But in my opinion, this guide performed so well because of its 8-bit design.

SEO Expert – 8-bit design

In other words: if I published the same exact guide as a text-based blog post, it wouldn’t have done nearly as well.

Quality > Quantity

When it comes to content marketing in 2020, what’s more important:

Quantity? Or Quality?

In my opinion, the answer is: “quality”. And it’s not even close.

Unless you have a massive team of writers, it’s pretty much impossible to create lots of Epic Content.

The fact is: Epic Content takes time, energy and several rounds of edits. It’s tough to scale.

For example, my YouTube channel racks up 232.9K monthly views…

Backlinko – YouTube – Channel Views

… from 27 total videos.

Backlinko – YouTube Channel – Video list

How is this possible?

It’s because I put blood, sweat and tears into every video.

(And it’s not just me: we work with a production team, editor, audio engineer and animator to make videos that come out super professional).


How about another example?

Earlier this year we launched The SEO Marketing Hub.

Backlinko – SEO Marketing Hub

This project was so huge that I have no idea how many hours my team and I spent on it (I stopped counting at 100 hours).

But it was totally worth it.

Not only did The SEO Marketing Hub do well on day 1.

SEO Marketing Hub – First day traffic

But it continues to bring in targeted visitors every month.

SEO Marketing Hub – Traffic

Work With Domain Experts

In some ways, this is the secret to legit “high-quality content”.

So: what does it mean to “Work With Domain Experts”?

Well, let’s say you’re about to publish a post about starting a SaaS company.

There are two approaches to writing this content:

Option A: Hire a random freelancer to write the article.

Option B: Work with an entrepreneur that just grew their SaaS company to 1,000 customers.

The freelancer is going to regurgitate the content that’s already out there.

Sure, the freelancer’s content might be “good”. But it will lack the substance that you can ONLY get from Domain Experts.

A Domain Expert can talk about SaaS from their own first-hand experience: details, examples, beta versions, doubts, partnerships, pricing tests… and a million other things that you ONLY get from doing something in real life.

I think this is one reason that the content at Backlinko resonates with people.

I try to stick to topics that I have first-hand experience with. For example, I didn’t really start writing about YouTube marketing until I spent time growing my channel.

Backlinko – Get YouTube Views post

And because that content was basically me documenting what I learned, people liked it.


Chapter 6:Jump On Emerging Topics

Jump on Emerging Topics

Epic Content is one way for your content to stand out.

Here’s another one: jump on emerging topics BEFORE they take off.

Question is: how do you find growing trends that are about to take off?

And when you find one, what should you do next?

Well, that’s exactly what I plan to cover in this chapter.

Google Trends Related Queries

Google Trends is GREAT for confirming if a keyword is growing or shrinking.

Google Trends – "pea protein"

Or comparing two trends against each other:

Google Trends – "pea protein" / "soy protein" compare

But it’s not that great at bubbling up trending topics that you don’t already know about.

That is, unless you check out the “Related Queries” section.

Here’s how it works:

First, search for a keyword that you think might be trending up.

Then, check out the Related queries list at the bottom of the page.

Google Trends – "pea protein" – Related queries

This is Google’s way of showing you terms that are starting to blow up.

Very helpful.

Exploding Topics

Google Trend’s Related Queries is helpful and all.

But again, it really only shows you topics that you already know about.

Which is why we recently built Exploding Topics.

Exploding Topics – Homepage

Exploding Topics scans the internet for terms that are starting to blow up. And, if the trend is a real trend (and not just a fad), we add it to our growing database.

Exploding Topics – Keyword overview

Create a Guide

Once you find an emerging topic, what’s next?

You can create a video. Or a list post.

But in my experience, your best bet is to create a guide.


Because the topic is so new, your guide will instantly become THE guide on that topic.

(Assuming that it’s good 😀 )

For example, in 2018 we published Voice Search: The Definitive Guide.

Backlinko post – Optimize for Voice Search

This wasn’t only the best guide to voice search out there. It was the ONLY guide.

Which is why it got so much traffic on day 1.

"Optimize for Voice Search" - First day traffic

Chapter 7:Content Repurposing 2.0

Content Repurposing 2.0

Repurposing content is a great way to scale up your content marketing… without starting over every time you want to create something new.

(Which is why content repurposing is a hot content marketing trend right now)

That said:

People’s standards for content has gone up A LOT over the last few years.

Which means: you can’t just read an article into a microphone and call it a day.

This chapter will show you how to use content repurposing as part of your content strategy in 2020.

Match The Content To Each Format

Like I said:

Content standards are completely different than even 2-3 years ago.

Back then, you could recycle the content from a single blog post into several different formats.

And it would work.

Today, you need to take the ideas, concepts, and examples from your original content… and adapt it so it’s a PERFECT fit for the new format.

How about an example?

Late last year I uploaded this video to YouTube.

This video was closely based on this post from my blog.

Backlinko post – Increase Website Traffic

Despite the fact that my video used a lot of the strategies from that post, it wasn’t a “copy & paste” type of deal.

For example, I added a short, relatable story to the beginning of the video (which tends to work well on YouTube).


I also ONLY used 9 of the 27 strategies that I thought would work best for the video format.


And I rewrote entire strategies so they made sense on video.

Rewritten strategy for video

And because my video content was repurposed for YouTube, it racked up over 100k views.

"How to Get More Traffic" – Video views

Reuse Specific Steps and Tips

You don’t need to reuse an entire piece of content for this approach to work.

In fact, you can take one of your best sections from an existing piece of content… and reuse that somewhere else.

For example, I took this interesting mini-case study from my guide to email marketing…

Mini case study from post

…and reused that tidbit (with updated numbers) as a LinkedIn post.

Mini case study reused in LinkedIn post

Bonus Chapter:Content Marketing Tactics for 2020

Content Marketing Tactics for 2020

Let’s cap off this guide with a handful of super actionable content marketing tactics for 2020.

Create Content Designed for Links OR Social Shares

Is it possible to create a piece of content that gets a bunch of backlinks AND social media shares?


But it’s SUPER rare.

In fact, when we teamed up with BuzzSumo to analyze 900 million articles, we found that the correlation between links and social shares was… practically zero.

Correlation between links and social shares

Which is why I recommend publishing content with a specific goal in mind: links OR shares.

(Not both)

For example, when I published this guide to copywriting, I was aiming more for social shares than links.

Backlinko – Copywriting Guide

Because my guide doesn’t contain much in the way of original data or strategies, there’s nothing for other bloggers to cite or link to.

But because my guide put a lot of copywriting wisdom into one place, it got shared like crazy. In fact, that post already has over 6,000 shares.

Copywriting Guide – Social shares

Experiment With Tweetstorms

Buffer recently found that Tweetstorms lead to more impressions and engagement… and fewer clicks.

A Twitter thread experiment

And Naval Ravikant actually turned one of his Tweetstorms into a multi-episode podcast.

Naval Ravikant podcast

So it’s clear that there’s something to this format. Tweetstorms combine the short, snappy tweets with long-form content.

And Twitter recently made Tweetstorms much easier to do.

Twitter tweetstorm

Send Super-Personalized Outreach Emails

Whether you’re promoting content or reaching out to a social media Influencer, your outreach emails to work in 2020, they need to be SUPER personalized.

And no, “Hey [Name]” doesn’t count as personalized.

Instead, your outreach emails should look more like this:

Super personalized outreach email

Or like this:

Good outreach email

(That’s not to say that you can’t work off of a script. But that script needs lots of fields that you can personalize).

The analysis of 12 million outreach emails that we recently did with Pitchbox found that personalizing your emails can boost replies by about 1/3rd.

Personalizing email body copy can significantly improve response rates

“Document, Don’t Create”

I first heard this phrase from Gary Vaynerchuk.

And it’s been my content marketing mantra over the last 18 months.

The idea is that, instead of creating content from scratch, you simply document what you’re already doing.

(Gary actually has a full-time video camera document his every move. But you don’t need to take it to that extreme).

For example, when I started sending out press releases to promote some of our Be The Source Content, I wrote up what I learned as a definitive guide.

Backlinko – Write a Press Release Guide

And when I wanted to write a post about getting more YouTube subscribers, I jotted down what worked best for me.

Backlinko – How to Get YouTube Subscribers post

There are two main benefits of the “Document, Don’t Create” approach:

First, your content comes out WAY better.

A few years ago I wanted to jump on the Conversion Rate Optimization craze. But I don’t have much first-hand experience with CRO (outside of split testing on my own websites).

Which is probably why my CRO-focused content didn’t do that great.

Second, documenting is MUCH easier and faster.

After all, you’re documenting what you already do all day.

The “Document, Don’t Create” approach is the main reason that we’ve been able to go from 1 post/month to 2 posts/month.

Because my content documents the SEO work I do every day, I can produce more of it.

Promote Your Content with Partnerships

Want to get more eyeballs on your content?

Try a content partnership.

A content partnership is when you and another business work together on a single piece of content.

For example, I partnered with ClickFlow for this Google CTR analysis.

Backlinko – Google CTR Stats study

This was a win-win for both of us.

I got access to a unique data set. And ClickFlow got in front of thousands of new people.

The best part?

You don’t need to have an existing audience for this to work.

Kyle Byers was able to partner up with Kinsta and Mangools for this blogger survey.

Kyle Byers – Study partners

At the time, Kyle had published 5 posts on his blog. And had 47 email subscribers.
So you don’t need a huge audience to take advantage of partnerships.

As long as you’re willing to hustle and provide value to your partner, this strategy can work.

Now It’s Your Turn


So that’s it for my guide to content marketing in 2020.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which strategy from this guide are you going to try first?

Do you plan on creating more video content?

Or maybe you want to test out content partnerships.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

    1. Nice! I’ve been trying to squeeze more out of my existing content instead of reinventing the wheel every time I want to publish something new. And it seems to be working.

      The big lesson I learned, like I mentioned in the guide, is to not just copy and paste the content from format to format. It’s important to adapt the content for each platform.

  1. Awesome, awesome guide, Brian.

    I’m blown away by the LinkedIn results you’re getting. I’ve been putting off using it for content distribution, but now I’m convinced. Love the idea of repurposing entire posts there too.

    1. Thanks man! Yeah, LinkedIn is definitely NOT the cool kid on the block (like TikTok). But with 610 million users and super high organic reach, it has a ton of potential.

  2. Excellent guide Brian! I am definitely going to make use of it for Youtube video promotion ls. By the way Which tool would you recommend for outreaching to other bloggers through email ?

    1. Thank you, Belle. If you’re just starting out I would actually just use Google Sheets and Gmail. That way, you get a feel for what’s working. Then, if you want to scale up I’d check out Pitchbox or BuzzStream.

  3. Amazing article, as always! Thanks for all the solid gold advice Brian.

    I’m really upping my content marketing game for 2020, so will factor all of this in – particularly your repurposing and documenting approach.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jonny, thank you. This is perfect timing then. I’m also going to be focusing on those 2 things (along with putting out more YouTube videos. I kind of neglected my channel this year). 2020 is going to be awesome!

    1. Hi Dan, you can use a teleprompter. But what I usually do is have my script next to me on my laptop. Then, I read the line silently, then face the camera and deliver the line. Rinse and repeat 1000 times and you have a ton of videos!

    1. Hi Tony, thanks man! I’d say video for sure. Voice is interesting and worth optimizing for. But I’m not sure it makes sense to focus on it over other platforms (like YouTube and traditional SEO stuff).

    1. Thanks Rintu. These steps all apply for local clients. That said, they may or may not make sense depending on the client. For example, it probably doesn’t make sense for a local pizza shop to create a YouTube channel. They’d probably be better off investing in local link building and offline stuff. Hope that helps.

  4. Yes, this is the powerful start of 2020? and yes you are right most of the guide are outdated and the linkedin part is what I want
    Thanks you are really great

    1. You’re welcome. Yup, promotion is HUGE. And with more content coming out than ever before, promotion is more important today than it’s ever been.

  5. I just got this content link in an email. And, as usual it is super stunning. Thanks for this Brian. Let’s see how it turns out to be. Happy new year btw.

  6. Ive been hiring writers to create content for me. But I really dont like the content that comes out of it. It takes allot of time for me to edit the content to make it EPIC..

    I really like how you construct your blog posts. There not really blog posts, you have so many usefull images and videos supported by text. This is something that takes allot of time for me. Any tips to speed this up? Im not sure if I could hire someone to do this.

    1. Hey Tim, that’s a common issue. I recommend reading the “Work With Domain Experts” section of this guide. It might help you connect with the right people. To your question: I actually do outsource this step. But when I first started I would do all of the screenshots etc. myself.

    1. Hey Carla, thank you! For those little clips we use Wistia. They’re like animated GIFs 2.0. I also think they’re super cool.

    2. Perfect timing on this article!! I’m rebranding my graphic design business into a content marketing business. I have 2 clients! This article helps me demonstrate to my clients that video is the future, especially for my client who trains horses and hosts horsemanship clinics.

      In this article you mention writing articles on LinkedIn. Do LinkedIn users prefer written articles over video? Or should video be foremost there as well? Can articles containing video be posted on LinkedIn? I’m new to that platform, that’s why I’m asking.

      Thank you for providing great resources!

      1. Hi Kay, awesome! I’ve tried both video and text posts on LinkedIn and both do well. I actually haven’t seen one have a big edge over another (it’s not like Facebook where video crushes all).

        I think you can embed videos in LI articles but I’m not 100% sure.

  7. I’ll be working on that Brian.
    Thanks for sharing a rigorously working tactics or approach for content marketing. Looking forward to learn a lot from you this year.

  8. Awesome piece of content and super useful. Just checked Exploding topics and it’s an amazing tool, just wondering if you will launch it in spanish (maybe you’ve planned it already). Regards

  9. Hey Brian,

    Thanks a lot for the epic post! I took your Grow Your Blog Fast course and see a lot of that advice in here. I’ve been toying with throwing myself into YouTube and I think that’s the next big place for me to go when repurposing my recently-published RLLs.

    Best of luck in the new year!

    1. Hey Bryan, you’re welcome. That’s the best part of taking a course like GYBF: you get to see how this kind of thing is done. And, like I teach in the course, it’s actually not as hard as it looks!

      Sounds good. YouTube is awesome. Let me know if you have any questions about YT.

  10. Video and LinkedIn to be the focus for 2020 after reading this awesome content. Thanks Brian- your articles are always inspiring even if it’s only taking one or two things you mention to implement and grow the business

  11. Wouuu! Thanks for this epic guide, Brian!

    And Happy New Year?

    I love your honesty- ” i never started writing about YouTube marketing until I spent time growing my channel” ?

    Btw Just bookmarked your in-depth guide on how to become a SEO expert.

    I believe this will greatly aid me put my content marketing house in order.

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    One more thing- when will you be posting next on LinkedIn?

    Looking forward to your next mail


    1. Hi Antony, you’re welcome and happy new year to you as well ? ? ? I actually posted on LinkedIn today (to share this post).

      1. Great to hear. Let me go check it out. It’s also unfortunate I’ll be handing over my company’s social media account this week (to further my career) so I’ll send you an invitation request with my personal profile to be on the safe side and keep up with your future updates of course. Thanks for the warm wishes too.

  12. Thanks for this awesome post, Brian.

    I particularly love the idea of content partnership as it seems like a win-win for both parties.

    But, I’d like to know exactly how to get started with this, especially for a beginner?

    Do you just reach out to brands and businesses you want to partner with, and hope that they agree?

    How can you identify topics they’ll be interested to partner with you for content?

    Thanks for your time.

    Will appreciate your response greatly.

    1. You’re welcome. Those are all good questions. And those types of questions is one of the reasons that partnerships are tough (it can be hard to get going at first!). When I first got started I thought to myself: “There’s no way anyone would want to partner with me”. And sure enough, most people ignored my emails. But a few did get back to me. And I was on my way.

      So yeah, the idea is that you reach out to brands and hope they agree. In my experience, if you can provide something of value that they want (beyond a traditional guest post), you have a good chance of getting a yes.

  13. LinkedIn is the place to be. The organic reach is insane right now.
    A few things to add to your tips for LinkedIn.
    1. Since LinkedIn doesn’t like external links in blog posts and is said to devalue posts that add them. You can publish the post without the link – and with an eye-catching image (that’s on brand). Then go back and edit the post and add your link.
    2. Add 3 hashtags to each post – find ones that are relevant to you e.g. #digitalmarketing #marketing
    – people who follow those hashtags can see your post when they check the feed for that particular hashtag and if your post is one of the TOP results, even better
    – even better when your post gets shared – you again can show up for the same hashtags, via the people that share your post = larger reach
    3. Articles have been claimed to be dead on LinkedIn and many stopped writing them
    – I dug in and published 2 articles (while only having 3,317 followers) that went viral. The goal was also to see if I can get them to rank on google…
    – article views are much better than post views (same with video views) some estimates say they are x5 more than post views
    4. Video still works super well – natively posted to LI, not via YouTube, however, there’s some uptick on video viewing fatigue showing up.
    5. Documents – huge opportunity here!! An amazing way to repurpose your massive amount of content in bite-size pieces. (this also works great on Instagram if you have a decent following)

    1. Hi Alie, wow! This is an early candidate for comment of the year. I need to try #1. I actually get decent organic reach on posts with a link. But I get WAY more reach from posts that don’t have a link. So that sounds like the best of both worlds. Again, awesome comment ? ? ?

      1. Thanks, Brian!
        One more tip.
        Like your own post immediately (or shortly after you publish it). This may feel strange at first, and something that is frowned upon on Facebook but it appears to be helping with reach on LinkedIn at the moment. LinkedIn algo is interested, highly interested in engagement within the first hour, both likes and comments. So, your like gets the ball rolling.

  14. Hi Brian, this is such a detailed guide. It took me an hour to read all the chapters and guess what? I didn’t give up and actually read the whole guide in one shot. It was full of ideas that kept my interest till the end. So cheers to you for writing such an engaging content.
    And yes, you have asked what strategies I am going to try in 2020. I would work on content partnership and the email outreach part more. Tweetstorm is also a catch for me so I would also love to try that.

    1. Thank you, Madiha! For sure, it’s tough to keep people reading all the way to the end. One of my little cheat codes is to add lots of visuals (videos, screenshots etc.).

      Sounds like a great plan there. Content partnerships are super underrated.

  15. Hey Brian,
    really great content. A lot to do and think about. Is there any chance you will publish this compendium as an ebook or is there a link to download this content?

    1. Thanks Mariana. We might create a PDF of this guide. It takes some time to do though so I’d check back in a few weeks.

  16. Using a homepage, nailing your video intros, LinkedIn engagement: so much great info in one guide! And I love the attractive look of the guide- makes me want to keep scrolling forever. Thank you for the powerful content.

  17. Hey Brian,

    Amazing content! I’ve been wanting to ask you something. I started a business page in the health niche. I have accounts on Instagram as well as Facebook and I want to target the older people. Now, I am thinking whether to create the same business page on Linkedin as well or just direct all the people from Linkedin to Facebook and Instagram. ( By posting the articles/videos/images through my personal account and say “Hey follow my page on…” ) Would that be a better idea? Or if I have a page on Linkedin as well, why would people follow me on Insta and Facebook if they can get all the content on Linkedin itself? Especially when my main leads I believe would come from Instagram and Fb.

    Could you throw some light on that? I hope my question is clear.

    1. Hey Karthik, thank you. In my opinion, you can be active on multiple platforms at the same time. Some people prefer IG. Others like LI. So by being on a bunch, you get in front of more people. Even if you post similar stuff. That said, I would cross-pollinate your audience to let existing followers know that you’re on LI.

      1. Killer start for 2020! I agree, LinkedIn posts & articles is something that has worked to generate leads & drive sales for me over last 2 years.

        Also loved your Publish “Be The Source” Posts plan to get great PR visibility. On my bucket list this year.

  18. That a lot of micro insights in this content. That’s awesome. I’ll note every insight and do my job! Thanks again, Brian

  19. An epic article as you say! Every time you write an article I leave it to read at night because it is nice to read them. Thank you very much for sharing friend.

  20. What a nice start for the beginning of the year.

    I’m currently working on my channel. Creating content for my channel and while growing my blog simultaneously. And this came in very handy. Thanks for coming out with an epic content to start the year. =)

  21. Great content as usual. I’ll go for the Linkedin … to be honest it did not cross my mind to try it on with the purpose of promoting my fashion blog articles (I only use it for whatever is related to my 9-5 corporate job).

    And I will create more video content. My YouTube channel is new and I currently do not have a professional camera, I’m only using my smartphone.

    1. Hi Maria, thank you. Obviously LI is more for work-related stuff. But any topic can be tweaked a little bit to fit in LI (like fashion tips for executives, professional speakers, job interviews etc).

  22. Amazing content so far! Havent read it all yet, but I always love those long blogs 😉 Keep creating awesome stuff, Brian.
    Cheers, Leo

  23. Wow Brian !! I got so much info that I’m going dizzy. I honestly haven’t come across so much actionable value ( even in paid courses ). It is clear you are starting 2020 with a big nuclear like blast !! Congrats and thank you so much !! it is not hard to create a high ticket course from all this stuff. Jeez.

  24. Thanks Brian. Sometimes, I wonder if you ever sleep. 🙂 I SERIOUSLY think people would PAY to see you how you work from awake till sleeping time.

    For Linkedin vs Medium, what’s your thoughts on this two platform for repurpose?

    1. Hi Cheefoo, HA! Trust me, I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night ?

      To your question, I think LinkedIn is a little bit better because there’s simply less content on there to compete with compared to Medium.

  25. Absolutely loved the article, Brian! I’ve seen you do a lot of content partnerships, and some other bigger names follow the suite in 2019 too. I definitely plan to do that in addition to other kinds of partnerships I do (JV and lead magnet). I also liked the Exploding Topics tool. Thanks for posting this one!

  26. “Document, Don’t Create”

    Love the concept behind this ?? Writing what you learned AND teaching readers what works (and what doesn’t) boost credibility. Epic guide as always, Brian! ?

    1. Hi Priscilla, thanks! Same here. That little phrase was a game changer for me. Better content that I can produce faster. HUGE

  27. I have never put my hand on Youtube Video Optimisation for suggested videos. I really liked it. In fact the best part of the whole article. And also I would definitely put my game for good content marketing strategies this year. Thanks for the great article Brian.

  28. Hey Brian! Thanks for the detailed guide of content marketing. I do believe that content is Still a King in coming years. I love to receive new study material from your side. Thank you so much for such a mind-blowing material with the combination of screenshots and videos which actually holds the attention of the users.

    In this new year, I am going to re-build my blogging site, so I would love to chose “Promote With Email” & “Jump on Emerging Topics”.

    Apart, from this, could you please tell me how we create effective video material if you don’t have video production team. Do we have any tool or software that would be helpful in creating effective video content?

  29. Thanks for this amazing guide Brian it’s quite spooky that I had written down about creating more video and utilizing LinkedIn as part of my goals for this year. With your tips I am ready to rock 2020. Thanks again

  30. Video is my number #1 purpose because YouTube promotion is much simplier than Google. There are 1,7B websites and 23M YouTube channels. The difference is over 72 times! On YouTube you can rank a video in 24 hours, but only 7% of new pages get the top-10 positions in the first year. SEO is a good one if you have resources and time, but if you’re not than jump on YouTube.

    1. That’s an interesting stat. And it shows that YouTube is still relatively wide open. The only downside with YouTube is that, unlike Google, it’s not direct traffic to your site. So in that way it’s not great compared to traditional SEO.

  31. Hey Brian,
    Undoubtedly, you are the Dean of content marketing and SEO.
    What a killer start for 2020! Any plans on publishing this post in e-book form? Hope you will bring it soon. Wish you a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you! I try to turn all of our guides into PDFs, but it’s tricky. It may be a few weeks before we add a link to the PDF version here in the guide.

  32. Hey Brian,

    Love the article – tis wicked (have bookmarked).

    I feel as though I sit in the gap you point out where I’m rehashing already existing content for clients to write more comprehensive long-form content. As you say, you can write a strong article, but that isn’t cutting it when I’m trying to attract links with a content hub.

    Do you have any advice for creating EPIC content when you do not have direct access to a subject specialist or a high budget?


    1. Hey Josef, thanks man. My recommendation there would be to pool your resources into one epic piece. In other words, take some or all of the budget you’re putting into those good articles and focus on creating a Be The Source Post, an ultimate guide with design or something else epic that makes sense for your niche. Hope that helps.

  33. This article summerise everything. No doubt, videos are working like crazy these days. Facebook video ads are bringing much more interaction as compared to text ads now, and other platforms are also dominating with videos.

    Seeing these recent trends, even I have started focusing more on creating video content and taken 90 days challenge to create the videos. I have already created 23 videos in the last 23 days.

    Congrats for writing another EPIC article.

    1. Hi Kulwant, thank you! And I like the 90-day challenge. 90 videos is a lot! If you’re like me, your 90th video will be 1000x better than your 1st.

  34. Hi Brian, great long-form content as usual. I have a question about video – do you think it is essential to have voice-over on video? Or it is fine to have a music soundtrack, with good subtitles? Personally, I prefer the latter (in fact I prefer text over video in general), but I appreciate that I am not creating content for me, but for a typical reader.

    1. Hi Jo, thank you! I wouldn’t say that having a voice over is required necessarily. There are plenty of folks like you that prefer visuals + text on screen. But it really depends on your audience and the types of videos that they want to watch.

  35. Thanks for this, really useful food for thought to start the new year. I know video is going to be key for us and we are also planning to start a podcast channel…lots of work to do but hopefully will pay off!

  36. Love the LinkedIn tip, Brian, thanks!
    As for the video, I agree with you and will focus more on it, but I must admit that I’m one of the 28% that favors the text, because honestly, I don’t have time (or I don’t want to dedicate it) to watch the whole video and I have no idea where the “good part” is and the feeling of not being in control puts me off. So I rather read through the “definitive guides” and stop whenever an 8-bit image catches my eye 🙂
    To get me to videos, you would need to chapterize your videos or at least add the links in description leading to certain time when the topic starts.

    1. Hi Jure, you’re welcome. I’m actually the same way for certain topics. Like for a tutorial, I rather skim through it as a blog post. But for videos on business advice or people sharing stories about this and that, I much prefer watching a video.

  37. Great guide Brian, very helpful. Quick question about optimizing your YouTube videos for SUGGESTED VIDEOS, isn’t that the exact same way you optimize for YOUTUBE SEARCH? Or, am I missing something?

  38. Hi Brian,
    I appreciate the clarity and brevity of your guide, you get right to the point, no extra fat anywhere. Your very concise email marketing chapter told me exactly what I was looking for: what’s the best newsletter format. And I will use that right away, as I plan to take growing my email list seriously this year. I also really like the document, don’t create approach. Video marketing -yikes!- that is looming on the horizon for me. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Justyna, you’re welcome! And happy new year. For sure: video is super intimidating at first (at least it was for me). But after shooting literally hundreds of video, it feels pretty natural and normal. That said, you really can’t go wrong with focusing on your email list. Video can absolutely wait.

    1. Hi Giovanni, that’s definitely one that takes some creativity. If the company is local, it may make more sense to focus on local SEO instead of blogging, YouTube videos and other types of content marketing.

    2. One client I’ll start working with this spring is a monument company. We are planning videos educating people about buying monuments, cemetery regulations, pre-planning, dealing with grief…topics few people think about until the unthinkable happens.

      We also want the videos to convey that this company is a family company of people that care about the needs and concerns of their grieving clients. The goal isn’t to sell a monument- it’s to help preserve a family’s story.

      I hope that helps. ?

  39. This is pure gold, Brian, I just shared this with our team as we’re thinking content marketing for 2020. Also, I just started practicing “Document, don’t create” myself and that’s a total game-changer! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi John, thank you! For sure: “Document, don’t create” was one of those ideas that got stuck in my head. And now I pretty much only produce content if it’s documenting what I’m already doing.

  40. Excellent info, as always!
    I’ll have to revisit LinkedIn… (I don’t think I’ve logged in for years ?)
    I’ve read multiple places on how important video content is. If you’ve never created a video before, any recommendations on good sources for how to get started as a soloprenure? Even just the thought of the technical side, let alone the content, is intimidating!

  41. With a strong content marketing plan comes a lot of research. Knowing your target audience is extremely important, as you will be strategizing, creating and marketing it according to the target audience you choose.

    Thanks for the tips, Brian.

  42. Hey Brian, thank you for all the creative input.

    But I have a question about topic upgrades. You are offering an article on the same topic. So that the reader gets to the article, he should leave his email. Is that correct?

    Did I understand the strategy correctly?
    Best regards, Martin.

      1. Brian, thank you for your answer. The recommended article is free content, right? So the visitor can also find it on your website. Now I imagine I will find the article on your website later. I feel a bit surprised if I “paid” with my email beforehand. 🙂 Or have you had the experience that the visitors accept it well and they don’t mind?

        Have a nice day. Martin.

  43. Hello Brian,

    Once again, a fantastic and in-depth article, as usual.

    I do have a few questions though (sorry, a bit long, but would appreciate your response whenever you find time from doing all the awesome work):

    1) You talked about the importance of design in content. But can you tell how do you get all these good-looking, relevant graphics for your posts? Do you get them custom-made? Most importantly, how can someone who does not have a big team of designers replicate something similar? Is there a website you recommend for getting these designs or a service I can use? Or, anything else?

    2) Do you recommend starting on LinkedIn for any type of business, or some types do better than others? For example, I have a YouTube channel related to DIY crafts, and a quick search on LinkedIn did not return much related content. Do you still recommend trying to promote such content on LinkedIn?

    1. Thanks Garima. To answer your questions 1. Yes, I get most of these custom made. You can find solid designers on Upwork, 99designs etc. 2. Good question there. LI is definitely more about careers, workplace issues etc. It’s usually possible to tweak any topic to fit on LI, but DIY crafts might be a tough one. Maybe something about Etsy?

    1. What a gem… and a bloody good read on the first Sunday of 2020 before work kicks off in earnest. Thanks, Brian.

      Just before New Years, my wife and I launched our own content marketing business. And I am convinced the “Document, don’t create” strategy, along with a focus on video content and shameless, but quality, promotion on LinkedIn is the way to go.

      It seems like the fastest way to create epic content across the various projects we are running at the moment. I guess I’d better get out of bed and start documenting how it progresses. Thanks for the guidance!

      Have a prosperous 2020!

  44. Amazing article, as always! Thanks for all the solid gold advice Brian.

    I’m really upping my content marketing game for 2020, so will factor all of this in – particularly your repurposing and documenting approach.

    Thanks again!

  45. Hi Brian,

    Great work as ever! Were doing a lot with YT at the moment and I have been scripting, then memorising each line and then saying it to the camera – far harder than it looks, especially when I do 20 minute videos.
    was wondering if you’re reading the script, are you using a teleprompter and if so, what one would you recommend for this?

    1. Hi Luke, oh man that’s how I used to do it. SUPER frustrating. ?

      What I do is either a) use a telepromter (ipad) or b) have my laptop off camera so I can read a line to myself, then deliver it, then read the line etc.

      It takes some time to do, but things move along steadily.

  46. This is awesome, Brian!

    I’ll definitely work up my video content game this year. And my page design to improve my conversion rates. Love it!

    Keep up the good work!

  47. Love the practical nature of the content and the implementation rules. Going to give the whole guide a run over the next 12 months and then see ? it should be great
    Thanks a ton.

  48. Wow, this guide is so easy & fun to read. Value-packed for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this Brian/ My goal is to double down on video content, and try content partnerships this year. I had this epiphany a few months back from a book I read. Timing is everything.

  49. Thank you Brian! This year will most definitely be a year of more video content and repurposing old content ?? I’m working on 4 different brands content so should be more than enough work to do ??(exciting!). Also, LinkedIn and YouTube are the main focus this year.
    It’s always a pleasure to read your content! Thank you for the hard work you clearly but in to every piece you create ☺️
    Have a great 2020 ?

  50. Hey Brian,

    I follow your blog since 2017 and I know that you are a super-intelligent guy who uses each and every opportunity to get benefitted from the data/content you have. You use your content in different ways to teach people how to get benefit from a single piece of content.

    I reach this blog post from word one to the last and that this is also an engaging blog post. I read that you suggested a technique of “Reposting Blog Content as LinkedIn Articles”. I have a little question about this. Is this a good way to work on? and Would it not create any copy content issue if we post the same content again on Linkedin?

    I am curious to know your answer to this!


  51. Super helpful article – love it!
    But I’m a bit unsure now how to handle LinkedIn. I always heard it’s recommended to limit your posts to a length of ~200 characters so it won’t get cut off (because most people won’t click on “…see more”).
    Is that no longer the best practice?

    It always annoyed me because I felt like good content will be read no matter what 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Happy to help. Most people probably won’t click “See more”. But enough will. And those that do will like, comment and do the other stuff that can get your post legit reach. So to me, it’s worth testing out.

  52. An excellent guide once again, Brian. Do you think that voice search will be this year’s big thing or is it exaggerated? Happy 2020 and looking forward to more of your content 🙂

  53. Thanks for creating such a definitive post, Brian! Love reading your work, and how much value you share from your experiences. I’m a die-hard email fan, love channels that work > what’s sexy.

  54. Hey, your content is amazing!!! Very impressed with the design & graphics also. Super informative and how it’s been broken down into sections is fantastic! It’s obvious that you have spent a huge amount of time developing this so thanks again 🙂

  55. Hi Brian,
    Very interesting article and well documented. I think to create an epic article is the first challenge and then is YouTube the second. Well, I am referring a lot to your articles. Can you tell me how much time does it take you to write a single blog post?
    Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi Shaan, thank you. Writing a post like this probably takes like 15 hours. It’s mostly documenting. But design, coding etc. takes another 30+

  56. Hi Brian! Have 2 questions:
    1. How you think, its better to write new article with same name, or upgrade old one?
    2. If you already have big article, but cant reach top with all keywords, does it good idea to split topic and remove some text from big article and add those text to new articles?

  57. Hi Brian!

    I was wondering if doing this in an intro is a credible strategy:

    ‘And I hope today I will answer these questions…’

    And list a couple long tail question keywords?

    Thanks a lot.

  58. Great post as always Brian. When building a new website, we always want to increase awareness for the new brand – doesn’t everyone eh? ?. Based off your experience, would local SEO be beneficial first before increasing SEO on a larger scale? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephan, it depends on the business. If you basically only serve a small local area, it may make sense to focus on local. That said, “normal” SEO can also help your local SEO. So there’s that.

  59. What if you don’t have that video content persona? Maybe you don’t have the best voice that comes across on video very well. How do you overcome these things? I’ve created many videos but I never included my face. Although I think I’m attractive, do you think this is a factor in getting more views? Thanks.

    1. Hi Richard, you don’t need to appear in the video for it to do well. I do think it helps but it’s not required to succeed.

  60. Thanks for such a detailed article! I found Facebook video posts led to more facebook engagement but as you say Youtube stays up for years. Do you think Facebook watch will expand to be like Youtube channels? I love the idea of having my videos in an album or channel like watch but at the moment I think it’s only available in America. Cheers

    1. Hi Ginny, good question. It looked like FB was going that way about 18 months ago. But they seemed to have abandoned that approach. Maybe they didn’t want to compete one on one with YouTube.

  61. I am learning SEO and this guide helps me really a lot. I found 7 helpful topics in this single guide, and I am gonna read all of them. I am sure I am gonna read all of your previous blogs from now. I was learning SEO from Linkedin learning but now I have changed my mind, your guides are really helpful in all ways. Thank you so much for sharing. My friend Deepak suggested this guide, and I have become a fan of yours.

  62. Amazing post Brian!

    The only issue I see with this is time.

    It is so difficult to create original content and back it up with a case study or stats from a test.

    I would love to be able to site and create content all day but the reality is that for a small agency or an individual it is near impossible to do the work, create the content and market it.

    What would you recommend for small SEO companies or Individual SEOs trying to gain market share but are competing against companies that have teams of copywriters who churn out content daily?

    1. Thanks Andrew. That’s actually why I recommend the “Document, Don’t Create” approach. That way, you’re documenting the work that you’re doing vs. “creating” content in the traditional sense.

  63. Great tips as always Brian! Now I will definitely create one schedule to repurpose all the blogs content and will post it on the LinkedIn page. 😀

  64. Hey Brian,

    Thanks again for another insanely in depth. The time and effort you pour into these posts is truly amazing!

    Got to say that I love the design of your website as well; super crisp.

    Agree very much with Youtube. There’s much to be had there if done right.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hey Daniel, thank you! I actually probably should talk more about content design. As you pointed out, it’s a difference maker. Maybe in the 2021 version of this post!

  65. Hey Brian,

    Thank you so much for sharing the great content. Especially, I am very interested in your new tool It is very helpful in finding the best topic to go with. I will definitely check it out quite often.

    This is really a good tool. I like it. And if you could add some filters, such as the “gradient” control or finding a shape turn in the trends, that will be awesome. I am just thinking that might help to distinguish between fast-growing topics and slow-growing ones.

    By the way, what does the exponent parament represent in some of the figures? Does it mean the trend could be fit using an exponential function? Thanks.

    All in all, great work!

    1. Hey Peter, thanks for your suggestions there. In terms of exponent, it means that the trend is growing exponentially.

  66. Brian,

    Awesome post, as usual. You rock, buddy!
    I really admired the boost in email subscribers (above 60%) revamping your home page. That’s great.
    To the core, I realize visuals are performing well in tweaking the user’s mind.

  67. This is the first time I am visiting and reading a post here. I heard about this site from a medium article.. and I have to say, your content and website are mindblowing.

  68. So much valuable information here! There is no better way to talk about Content Marketing than an informative, well laid-out piece of content ?

  69. Great post Brian – if I had a blog post that was doing well but that I wanted to give it a boost with a refreshed content design (a facelift, if you will), what’s the best approach? When it comes to content design, I know what I like to see (and what works well), but I’m unable to provide specific directions as to what exactly I’d like to see on the page.

    I’d love to refresh some posts but I don’t know where to start (ie. I can’t just hire a graphics person because I don’t know what to ask for) – any ideas? Thank you!

  70. Hi Brian,

    Does your course “How To Turn Your Blog Into a Traffic Machine” include how to choose a niche or the best niches when starting a blog in 2020.

  71. Content repurposing is definitely going to help us a lot in reducing content production costs and in giving us opportunities to use it across various platforms.

    Other recommended points, like a partnership and the sponsors’ posts idea seems quite interesting, and we would definitely give it a try this year.

  72. Hi Brian, I love the “Be The Source” posts strategy. However, developing a thorough case study for such a post would require a lot more resources to do so.

    What would you suggest if I would like to develop a “Be The Source” post, but am just starting out and may lack the resources to do so?

  73. Wow. As I read Chapter 2, I can really see that I’m making a lot of rookie mistakes. Thanks for another educational kick-in. I definitely need to make some changes to my website!

  74. Brian, your blog has quickly become my #1 resource for building my business. I GREATLY appreciate everything you are doing. Thanks SO much for such amazing quality content. If I can provide a quarter of the value to my readers that you are, I know I’ll be well on my way to increased success online.

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